Monday, April 9, 2012

Style Post

 Style Post # 4

This is the exact shirt Ariana wore as Cat Valentine on Victorious.


           Tank Top is not being sold currently

Style Post

Style Post # 3


This is the exact apron that Ariana owns. She got hers at Anthropology, however they are currently not selling it.

Style Post

Here is style post # 2.

This is the exact shirt Ariana wore one day out and about.             
                                                                                                       Top :   Shopbop (unavailable currently)

Style Post

And here is our first official style post.

                                                 Shirt :  Bluefly (unavailable currently)

This is the exact same shirt that Ariana wore on the Victorious episode "Ice Cream for Ke$ha".

Hello World

Hello World! And thanks for stopping by. This is Ari G. Style. Here you can find that cool clothes she wears and get it for yourself. I hope you enjoy and continue to check us out.